Thursday, 2 October 2008

Love This Band

Hurrah! The gig was a success tonight.

French Wives were fucking awesome and got everything off to a nice loud start, then Jesus H.Foxx were just amazing. They're one of the tightest bands I've actually seen. Blimey.

And then I pretty much fell in love with Violet Violet. Awwww. They're such nice goils.

Aaaaaand the place was busy and warm. And then I ripped out the light in the bathroom. Coz I is well ard.

Night night.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

oh nooooooooooo : ( : ( : (

it's like losing a friend!!

I love NME; check them getting all misty-eyed over DPT. Lol @ them!!!!! etc etc.

Anyway, I'm sure you've noticed that Violet Violet are playing 13th Note tomorrow night, with Jesus H.Foxx and the French Wives. Booyah!!!

But, still, come along like...

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Last night at the CCA

I hope you can all read my writing

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Rug Cutting; After Dark!!

Well, it's dark o'clock.

Which means that you can pretty much expect this blog to feature swearing, violence and nudity. You may also expect that I will struggle to make work tomorrow.

Anyway, tonight I went to see North Atlantic Oscillation, Y'All is Fantasy Island and How To Swim at Sleazys. It was good. The drummer from YIFI is injured though, so we were given a limited edition acoustic performance. Exciting.

Please find live action photo's below, which may or may not feature the head of the blonde girl who was in front of me:

Y'All is Fantasy Island

North Atlantic Oscillation

Uhm......ok. I didn't get a picture of those guys, because I was having a wee rest and was also trying to appear cool and casual. But they were quite good. So check them out here

How To Swim

I enjoyed it, Kenny enjoyed it, the pretty violinist enjoyed it. Everyone had a nice night. Good night.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

PR Chat

Yup. It'll be a reet hoot.

Anyway, while I was sticking up a few posters during my lunch-hour today, I went into the CCA to stick one up and there wasn't really a good space. So I started looking for a poster that was out of date; when I found one, I tore it down, put it in my bag, put up my poster and left.

Except that now I look at the poster, it quite clearly isn't out of date. I don't know how my mind tricked itself into thinking that the 29th of September is in the past. Shit.

Anyway, I guess I better put the word out;


So now you know.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tag Team; Me and Kenny VS .....Gdansk and Ursula Minor

Wow! I'd forgotten I'd taken that!!! That's obvvvv No Cars from the other night at the Flying Duck. They were nice.
Anyway, this weekend.
There's a nice free weekender at 13th Note Cafe and here is a list of the bands that I am looking forward to, in alphabetical order:
  • BoomEdan (17:30 on Saturday)
  • Cuddly Shizzle (21:15 on Sunday)
  • Hyena (23:30 on Sunday)
  • Nackt Insecten (14:30 on Sunday)
  • Single Helix (18:15 on Saturday)
  • Super Adventure Club (22:00 on Sunday)
  • Vars of Litchi (22:45 on Sunday)

It runs from 14:00 - Midnight, on Saturday and Sunday and will probably be quite good.

In other news, me and my friend Kenny will be DJing in the CCA bar on Saturday, which is also free. He likes rock; I like techno; we're the original odd couple!!!!! Anything could happen!! But what will probably happen is that we will play some songs.

Friday, 19 September 2008



tonight was fun, yeah. we didn't get as big a crowd as usual; we usually draw at least 20 people into a venue. so, yeah, it wasn't jumping tonight.

which was a shame, because no cars were outstanding. like, really fucking amazing. really really amazing. as i said earlier, it wasn't busy tonight, so i did lose a few quid, but i just stood smiling throughout the entire set. so it was ok; music is nice.

the people at the flying duck are soooo nice as well. i made lots of new friends. so all in all, a good night, thank you very much.

i can pretty much give a personal thanks to every single person who went. but i'll do that some other time, some other place.

tomorrow night at the cca; james murphy
next saturday;